Dallas, Texas

What Inspires you?
I'm inspired by Nature's color patterns. Music inspires me when coloring; I can see the colors in the music, and create what I hear.  

How long have you been in the biz?
18 years.

What are you favorite looks right now?
My favorite looks are muted, mauve-centered creative tones, and super-cool, strong platinum blondes.  

I love cutting, but I have a long-standing love affair with color.

Besides great hair, What do you hope clients leave with after time with you?
I would like for clients to feel more confident about their at-home care regimens, and to feel completely inspired to be unbridled, open, and freely themselves under any and all circumstances. Of course, I'd like them to walk away with New Wash as ammunition against complicated regimens and dry, unruly manes.