Hairstory Studio is a membership-driven collective of some of Dallas’ most forward thinking hairdressers. Working in a collaborative yet entrepreneurial environment – the next evolution of co-working salon spaces – Hairstory Studio members share resources and inspiration, and challenge each other to thrive creatively and professionally. The Studio leverages technology to enhance the salon experience, reflect the new economy and create a unique, engaging, and fun experience for all.

Each stylist is responsible for their own business. They each set their own hours, and access the salon through a mobile app. “I found people who are passionate about working hard and creating their own business,” Bollinger says. “Hairstory Studio is a platform that supports their business rather than supporting and helping promote Hairstory.”



What Inspires Us:

Beau Bollinger


Beau finds inspiration in all forms of art. Music is probably the most powerful medium for him. 

Carissa Mendoza


Different cultures and countries; sunsets; views in nature; reflection of light; photography (other people’s, obviously); triangles; the person I’m working on.

Nina Briese


Nina is inspired by music, dance, architecture, nature, urban industrial design, shoes, colors, and succulents.

Monte Feagin


Fellow artists and their work inspire me, be it music, performance, fashion, etc. I think we're all fueled by one another's passion and creativity.

Mattie Calloway


Mattie's inspired by nature's color patterns. Music inspires her when coloring; she can see the colors in the music, and create what she hears.  

Gwan Chow


Gwan is inspired by people, their stories, and journeys through life. She finds inspiration in their processes and ways of thinking; especially in the fashion industry.


“Hairstory’s Dallas studio is the brand’s first location outside of New York City, and it’s in good hands with local hairdresser Beau Bollinger. Aesthetically in line with its New York counterparts, Hairstory Studio Dallas features a handful of hairdressers Bollinger has known for years.
It’s worth a visit to enjoy the space and conversation alone, but for anyone who’s interested in making the switch to Hairstory products, a little education at the studio could be a hair care game changer.”

– Dallas Beauty News