Meet Gwan Chow


Mesquite, Texas

What inspires you?
People, their stories, and journeys through life. I find inspiration in their processes and ways of thinking; especially in the fashion industry. I’ve always envied how fashion designers can create a beautiful, intricate piece of garment from just an idea.

How long have you been in the industry?
This question has always been very subjective to me. People always judge a person’s skill by how long they’ve been in the industry rather than analyzing them on their continuing education, involvement in the hair community, and talent. 8 years :).

What are you favorite looks right now?
Classic hair with a contemporary twist and contrasting elements. I love seeing hints of subtle color with salon viable disconnected shapes.

Cut and style only.

Besides great hair, What do you hope clients leave with after time with you?
I hope my clients will walk away with good energy, a great experience, and a personalized/catered haircut to their lifestyle. I hope they leave with an extra pep in their step and ready to conquer the world!